Mendocino Grown

All Redwood Remedies' cannabis flowers are grown with passion, love and care. Our Southern Mendocino Appellation is nestled in a fertile river valley that provides the ideal terrior for craft cannabis cultivation. The Redwood Remedies team is dedicated to conscious cultivation practices, ensuring the health and success of our diverse varietals. Our "farmer's shadow" approach of hand watering and daily monitoring guarantees each flowering plant has the ability to grow to her fullest potential. 

We love what we do, and we hope you do too. 


Clean Medicine

We never sacrifice quality when it comes to growing clean, healthy flowers. Redwood Remedies flowers are ALL Clean Green Certified, never sprayed with harmful pesticides and batch tested by a state licensed laboratory to ensure a clean product. 

Clean Green Certified

Potency & Terpenes

High potency flower is our speciality. 

Each and every batch of Redwood Remedies' cannabis flower is tested by Sonoma Labworks for potency and terpene content. The majority of our strains test around 30% total cannabanioids and have an equally  high THC content. The few strains we offer that don't hit the high mark in potency make up for it with special  and unique terpene profiles and effects. 

All of our varieties go through a rigorous research and development process in-house to identify and isolate potency potential and  terpene profiles so we can offer you OUR  unique version of old favorites as well as fresh new varietals.